The Ultium Effect
The core concept was built around the idea that a single good idea, much like the sketch of the Ultium platform on a napkin, can reverberate through an organization, leading to a cascade of bigger and transformative ideas. This concept was vividly brought to life through a series of engaging keynotes and exhibits, including short films shot on cutting-edge Volume Stages, blending live-action VFX and narrative storytelling to explore various facets of innovation influenced by GM's initiatives.
Revolutionize the Drive
Join a journey through time experiencing the evolution of GM technology from today’s innovations to futuristic possibilities. This short film showcases how the Ultium Platform can transform driving, seamlessly integrating current features with visions of autonomous and aerial vehicles, underlining the expansive potential of "The Ultium Effect."
The Ripple of Innovations
Featuring author Malcolm Gladwell delves into how seemingly minor changes can have profound global impacts. This film encourages viewers to consider the broader implications of the innovations sparked by the Ultium platform.
Unveiling the Silverado EV
Acclaimed actor Ian Sonnenfeld unveils the groundbreaking Silverado EV, a pinnacle of innovation redesigned from the ground. This film showcases the transformative design and powerful capabilities of the electric pickup, reimagined on GM’s Ultium platform, highlighting its potential to redefine the future of trucks.
Custom Futures
Tech entrepreneur and art world icon Everette Taylor discusses the expansive future of vehicle software and customization. This film explores the cutting-edge possibilities that arise when technology meets user-centric design.
A New Era of Movement
Musician and futurist Viktoria Modesta discusses the transformative impact of autonomous vehicles. This film examines how autonomy could revolutionize safety, reduce congestion, and reshape our infrastructure, including potential applications on land and in the air.
CES 2022 marked another significant milestone for General Motors with "The Ultium Effect," demonstrating the profound influence of initial innovations on broader technological and societal advancements. Through thought-provoking content, this virtual exhibit not only highlighted GM's ongoing commitment to innovation but also illustrated the ripple effects of a single transformative idea across various domains. By engaging viewers with the compelling narratives of notable personalities and cutting-edge visual effects, GM reinforced its position as a leader in the future of mobility, emphasizing that small changes can indeed lead to monumental impacts.

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