Experience and Technology
The "Wall of Dreams" was not just a static display but a dynamic storytelling canvas made accessible through cutting-edge AR technology. This markerless, appless AR experience allowed consumers to interact with the mural directly, exploring Honda’s diverse stories through two innovative AR executions: an eye-level experience and a sky-level exerence
Eye-Level Experience
Designed for ground-level placements, this version transformed the mural into a 3D animated landscape. As viewers focused on different quadrants, those sections came to life, detailing stories from Honda’s racing heritage to electric vehicles and visionary projects like algae-based fuel and lunar bases. The animation and design were crafted to not only pop out of the mural but to wrap around the viewer, creating a compelling, immersive experience.
Sky Segmentation Execution
Utilized for overhead placements, this technique isolated the sky in the viewer's perspective, maintaining foreground elements while narrating a linear story that touched on all the thematic areas of the eye-level experience. The experience culminated spectacularly with a life-sized EVTOL (Electronic Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle) descending from above, hovering briefly before soaring back into the sky, providing a breathtaking conclusion to the journey.
Design and Accessibility
The design approach was carefully considered to stay true to the original illustration style while ensuring accessibility on a wide range of devices. The team employed a 2.5D approach, creating densely layered environments with dynamic elements that surrounded and engaged the viewer. Animations for each element were meticulously crafted, employing clever visual tricks to enhance the sense of speed and scale, making each story feel alive and dynamic.
Sound and Voiceover
Each segment of the experience was enhanced with a voiceover by John Cena, accompanied by detailed sound design and thematic music, further enriching the immersive experience and connecting viewers with the narrative and ambiance of each story.
Honda’s Wall of Dreams marked one of the first consumer-facing innovation projects by Honda, showcasing a successful blend of storytelling, technology, and historical homage. The project debuted to excellent reviews both internally at Honda and externally among consumers, with heavy rollouts in New York City and Los Angeles..

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