The Virtual Exhibit
For CES 2021, General Motors launched "Exhibit Zero," a transformative virtual exhibit that repositioned the company at the forefront of automotive technology. We led the development of this comprehensive online destination. The exhibit comprised a dedicated virtual exhibit page, scheduled streaming keynotes, a suite of narrative films showcasing groundbreaking technologies and concept vehicles, and an engaging augmented reality experience. Together, these elements vividly illustrated GM's ambitious vision for a sustainable and technologically advanced future, underpinned by the Ultium platform.
The Ultium Platform
This piece demonstrates the versatility and potential of GM’s new modular skateboard EV platform, showcasing an array of vehicles from cars to flying machines that could be built using this technology.
Brightdrop: The Fastest Pet Turtle in History
Follow the journey of a Ed, the toy turtle in a story that introduces GM's BrightDrop system. This narrative illustrates the speed and efficiency of GM's EV and automated logistics solutions, from warehouse automation to delivery to Ed's new owner.
The Hummer EV: Hawk River Trail
Experience the rugged capabilities of the new Hummer EV in "Hawk River Trail." This adventure film highlights the vehicle's exceptional features, including the innovative Crab Walk, which allows it to maneuver diagonally to navigate around obstacles effortlessly.
Cadillac PAV: A Night Out
Join Elaine Welteroth and friends featuring the fully autonomous Cadillac PAV concept vehicle. This film presents a futuristic vision of urban mobility, emphasizing luxury and innovation in autonomous vehicle design.
Super Cruise: Calmest Man on the 405
Witness the serenity of hands-free driving.  Featuring meditation expert Jesse Israel, this film showcases GM’s Super Cruise technology in action during a busy commute, highlighting the peace and reliability it brings to everyday driving.
AR Concept Cars
Complementing the films, an AR experience enabled users to engage with the concept vehicles through their mobile devices, offering a life-sized exploration of GM's visionary designs.

The "Exhibit Zero" project not only marked a significant evolution for GM but also showcased the breadth of digital storytelling and innovative content creation. Through films and AR technology, we captured the essence of GM's transformation and their stride towards a sustainable, technology-driven future.

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