Ultimate You
The centerpiece of the campaign was a personalized short film where gamers collected transformative blue crystals in various game worlds, each crystal symbolizing a small but significant victory. This journey used innovative AI-driven deepfake technology to place fans at the heart of the action, transforming them into the heroes of their own story. The project tackled inclusivity challenges head-on by developing bespoke solutions to ensure accurate representation across diverse skin tones and facial features.
Web Experience
The campaign featured a sophisticated 3D web experience. This platform guided users through the process of creating their customized film with a seamless, engaging interface that merged elements of video game navigation with the aesthetic of a cinematic title sequence. Conceptualized and designed to blend the immersive feel of gaming with the dramatic flair of cinema, the web experience itself was a crucial part of the campaign.
Age-Limited Options
To ensure inclusivity for all ages, "Ultimate You" provided alternatives for underage participants and those opting out of personal image use. Instead of real facial data, we used AI-generated avatars enhanced with holographic facial adornments. This approach maintained the campaign's interactive essence while respecting privacy and safety, allowing younger audiences to fully engage and celebrate their victories.
Partnerships and Influencer Engagement
Influencer engagement was pivotal, featuring MrsChimChim, a renowned League of Legends streamer, who added an entertaining touch with a cameo. Her participation helped broaden the campaign’s appeal, capped by a popular unboxing video that attracted widespread attention.
The campaign initiated with personalized kits sent to over 300 influencers, each kit containing a taste of Coke Ultimate and a QR code linking to their personalized film, inviting them to be part of this immersive, cinematic journey.
Additional Campaign Elements
To enhance engagement, the campaign also offered shareable "Ultimate You" images and videos, providing fans with memorable, personalized content. Completing the campaign, a collection of "Ultimate" stickers was designed to celebrate individual achievements, reinforcing the message of recognizing and cherishing each small victory.
The "Ultimate You" campaign was a resounding success, renowned for its innovative use of AI and deepfake technology to create highly personalized and interactive narratives. This campaign set a new standard for digital marketing, showcasing exceptional creativity and craftsmanship, particularly through its integration of cutting-edge technology with a commitment to inclusivity and safety.

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