The Films
Ultimately, we produced 320 films (included here are the 4 hero broadcast films) in all aspect ratios, encompassing 20 AI World Styles and culminating in 60 unique 3-second sequences. 
Development and Creative Process
The challenge was to combat ad fatigue by creating a multitude of commercial variations to maintain viewer engagement. We approached this through a modular content strategy, where the narrative was segmented into four distinct parts, each flexible enough to be mixed and matched, producing multiple unique versions of the ad.
The Shoot and AI Integration
The production involved a one-day green screen shoot with two actors, designed to facilitate AI integration. We captured the entire commercial in a variety of different passes from very dynamic to more static, guaranteeing that we had maximum flexibility in the AI pipeline to deliver the best results. This was crucial for seamless integration of live action with AI-generated environments and flexibility to generate the best results within the AI pipeline. 
Mixed Media and AI Pipeline
The backgrounds for the opening shots were created in 3D, with VFX used for compositing. AI generated images were composited with the live action to then be processed by the AI style transfer pipeline, creating a unique, stylized look for each world. 
Live Action
Live Action
Rough Composite w/ AI background
Rough Composite w/ AI background
Final AI generated sequence
Final AI generated sequence
Full Credits

Team OMC: DDB Chicago and Critical Mass
EVP, Global Client Lead: Alysson Scartz (Critical Mass)
VP, Client Services: Lauren Rapoport (Critical Mass)
Account Director: Joey McGlumphy (Critical Mass)
Assistant Account Executive: Samuel Hess (DDB Chicago)
Program Director: Sarah Lobdell (Critical Mass)
Project Manager: Emma Carelle (Critical Mass)
Director of Business Affairs: Jillian English (DDB Chicago)
Business Affairs Director: Robyn Ho (Critical Mass)
Global Strategy Director : Josh Drueck (DDB Chicago)
Head of Strategy: Jaime McGill (DDB Chicago)
Group Strategy Director: Kathryn Swiston (Critical Mass)
Associate Strategist: Jaylyn Oliver (Critical Mass)
Chief Creative Officer: Colin Selikow (DDB Chicago)
VP, Executive Creative Director: Andrew Lavery (Critical Mass)
Group Creative Engineering Director: Cody Murri (Critical Mass)
Group Creative Director: Will Danilow (Critical Mass)
Group Creative Director: Brian Culp (DDB Chicago)
Group Creative Director: Katie Bero (DDB Chicago)
Creative Director: Mihail Alesksandrov (DDB Chicago)
Creative Director: Pedro Araujo (DDB Chicago)
Associate Creative Director: Meghan O’Neil (Critical Mass)
Associate Creative Director: Stephanie Newton (Critical Mass)
Associate Creative Director: Chantal Miyagishima (Critical Mass)
Designer: Iris Ti (Critical Mass)
Copywriter: Liam Walsh (Critical Mass)
Head of Production: Annie Larimer (DDB Chicago)
Senior Producer: Tommy Costello (Critical Mass)
Production Design Lead: Daniela Perez (Critical Mass)
Associate Production Designer: Paige Burger (Critical Mass)
Production Company: Tool
Live Action Directors:  Bobby and Brig
AI, Creative Director: Ezra Paulekas
AI & Post Executive Producer: Dustin Callif
Content, Managing Director: Nancy Hacohen
Content, Executive Producer: Rob Sexton
Content, Head of Production: Adam Litt 
Line Producer: John Scarth
DP: Liam Mitchell
Production Designer: Bill LeBlanc
Experience, Head of Production:  Kaili Kubpart 
AI & Post Producer: Max Knies
Post Producer:  Syahirah Mansor
Editor: Ed Yonaitis
AI Tech Director:  Dr. Sam Khoze
AI Tech Supervisor:  Wim Vanhenden 
Lead Dev: 
Editoril: RPS 
VFX: Mathematic
Color: Primary

Other Projects

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